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Own your story

It’s your story—own it.

Annie Flanzraich,
Founder of Flanz Media


n our noisy AF world, it’s not enough to tell your story or even share your story.

You need to own your story.

What does that mean? Taking control of how your story comes into the world—from the kernels of ideation to the pop of distribution.

When you own your story, you are the publisher. You decide how it’s told, where it’s told, and when it’s told. It’s your URL. It’s your blog. It’s your email list. It’s your magazine. It’s your annual report. It’s your videos. It’s your photography.

Stories help us understand the world and live better lives. Stories build businesses, communities, and relationships.

So, who’s going to craft your story?

We are.

What we do

Flanz Media creates your owned media strategy and assets using long-form multimedia storytelling, including writing, photography, videography, audio, and design. The results?

  • A cache of content documenting your story with care, depth, nuance, and clarity
  • An approachable, straightforward process to share your story
  • A network of trusted, trained storytellers ready to make it happen
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